Sunday School

2023 Spring Semester Classes

Sundays at 9:00 AM

Ephesians (Rm 100): A study for women of all ages, working through the book of Ephesians and taught by a team of ladies.


Be in the Know (Rm 107): A middle/high school study of the foundations of our Christian faith. Taught by Jeff Blum.


Philippians (Rm 108): A study for ladies, working through the book of Philippians, and taught by a team of ladies. Moms and their little ones are welcome!


The Stones of Egypt Cry Out (Rm 109): A study for all ages, highlighting recently published archeological findings and perspectives that confirm the biblical narrative of the Exodus. Taught by John Claassen.


What is Living as a Christian? (Rm 110): A study for all ages, in which we discuss and encourage each other in the practical, day to day application of “Christ in us.” The various topics are: forgiving, confessing, caring, loving, being ambassadors, living as new creations. Taught by Bill Twigg.


Doctrine by William Lane Craig (Rm 111): A study for all ages that takes a deep dive into understanding and defending the foundations of Christian doctrine. We watch a video teaching by apologist William Lane Craig of and then discuss the material together. Taught by Karl Hulbert.